Dr. S.R.Rao Foundation

Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives of the Foundation

Dr.S.R.Rao Memorial Foundation for Indian Archaeology, Art and Culture hopes to promote the vision and goals of Dr. Rao. The aim of the Foundation is to promote an objective study, substantial research and dissemination of historical traditions of India; to support and conduct related educational and informational activities in the interdisciplinary fields of Indian (or Indic) archaeology, history, art, anthropology, linguistics, philosophy and religious studies so as to:

  • Increase professional and public awareness of these areas that can lead to a better understanding of the past and India’s contribution to world culture.
  • Provide a forum for the  interdisciplinary exchange of information, scientific archaeological researches and artistic expressions  among members  of the professional community and the general public who are studying and working in these areas;
  • Promote the advancement of scientific and historical research and education in Indian (and Indic) archaeology, art and culture.

Specifically, but not limited to, the Foundation will

  1. Provide scholarships to scholars and students who wish to pursue their studies in these and related fields. Either in India or abroad.    
  2. Support programs, lectures, seminars and conferences to educate the public about Indian cultural heritage;
  3. Promote the preservation of indigenous historical monuments, sites and objects by education,  study and exchange of students and specialists;
  4. Promote dissemination of historical knowledge by production of educational materials, such as books, documentary videos, films, museum exhibitions, displays, etc.
  5. Promote studies in areas of Dr. S.R.Rao’s specialties: Indus Valley Civilization, Marine Archaeology, Art History and Indus Script by holding conferences, seminars, and memorial lectures.