Call for Papers

International Conference on

Growth and Development of Indian Culture: Historical and Literary Perspectives

(Prehistoric Period - Twelfth Century CE.)

June 29 - July 1, 2018

Bengaluru, India

Dr. S.R.Rao Foundation

Sponsors: Dr. S.R.Rao Memorial Foundation for Indian Archaeology, Art and Culture; National Museum New Delhi;  Indian Council of Historical Research; Archaeological Survey of India; Indira Gandhi Center for the Arts; Soka University of America CA 

Venue: Inauguration at the Mythic Society, Nrupathunga Road, Opposite Reserve Bank, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010, India 080-22114272 / 22215034

Academic Sessions at Executive Development Center

Executive Development Center (Institute of Hotel Management, SJP) Campus,

Seshadri Road, Bangalore - 560001 080-51265555 

Scheduled for: June 29 - July 1, 2018 with the following programs:

  • Reading of Papers by Scholars
  • Book and Archaeological Exhibition
  • Cultural Program
  • Onsite Sessions on aspects of Indian Art/Archaeology will be arranged.

International Conference, 2018

   The Foundation invites proposals for individual papers and round table discussions, in the fields of history, archaeology, ancient sciences, art and architecture, philosophy, literary and textual studies. Scholars and faculty, as well as artists, independent scholars, Ph. D. and Master’s students, both from India and abroad, are invited to participate, whose researches are related to the area. The committee welcomes proposals that are thematic and inter-disciplinary in nature and synthesize a variety of sources.

The Foundation has begun to accept a brief abstract from participants. Deadline for abstracts is April 1, 2018, to be sent to Papers presented at the conference will be published in the form of an edited volume.

Objectives of the Conference:

   The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and scholars from abroad and within India, to exchange and share their recent research findings and to stimulate discussion about the interactive growth and development of Indian culture from early times to twelfth century CE. Its principal objective is to trace the trajectories of its development and the dynamic interplay of various forces such as intellectual ideas, historical events, economic influences and artistic representations.

Over centuries, ancient and early medieval Indian culture has been re-framed and re-interpreted which poses challenges to scholars to re-discover on the basis of historical evidences its complex system of traditions, networks, and organizations. The interaction and contact with other cultural traditions and local influences have often inspired its growth, reflection, comparison and self- definition. The ancient history of communities in India is particularly challenging, and the leadership of historians, archaeologists, and literary scholars can help in providing insight into their tangible and intangible heritage. A multi-disciplinary approach will provide new insights into ideas and practices that have stimulated its growth and development as a cultural process and a way of life.

Themes and Sessions

The conference will consist of individual papers, round table discussions, and poster presentations that will provide a window to the complex cultural system. Possible thematic sessions include: 

  • History and Archaeology
  • Language and Literature 
  • Ancient Sciences
  • Religious Studies and Philosophy,
  • Visual and Performing Arts  
  • Archaeoastronomy
  • Application of space science in heritage protection & development
  • Role of Women
  • Other related areas

Abstracts of approximately 100 words, should include author’s name, designation, postal and email address, and a short bio of 50 words (No pictures, tables or references should be included). The official language of the conference is English, but papers in Kannada will be accepted and some sessions will be held in Kannada. All paper proposals must be submitted by April 1, 2018 to Dr. Nalini Rao,
Participants will be notified of acceptance within a month by the Committee. Scholars and faculty, as well as artists, independent scholars, Ph.D and master’s students are encouraged to participate.

Other Activities

The Foundation will present a Book Exhibition, Art and Archaeology Exhibition, a Cultural Program during the period of the conference. Papers presented will be published in the form of an edited volume by Dr. Nalini Rao, Prof of World Art, Soka University of America, Ca, U.S.A.

Educative, on – site sessions / (or workshops for students)  on Indian Art / Archaeology will be arranged, (July 2 – 4, 2018). Those who are interested in visiting any one of the places below (a, b or c), please email either;

a. Hampi

b. Halebid/Belur/ Sravanabelagola

c. Aihole/Pattadaka/ Badami

Session Chairs:

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Arvind Jamkhedkar.  June 29 Evening – Inauguration. 
      Chairman of ICHR, Archaeologist, Indologist, Art-Historian. President of Deccan College Post-Graduate Research Institute, Pune.  Former Director of Maharashtra State Archaeology and Museums

Dr. Mani - Director General, National Museum,
      Vice-Chancellor of National Museum Institute, New Delhi. (Plenary Session - June 30)

Dr. Yajneshwar Shastri – Vice-Chancellor,
      Sanchi University of Buddhist - Indic Studies

Dr. Ramdas Lamb – Prof., Dept. of Religion, University of Hawaii, USA.

Dr. Vasant Shinde – VIce-Chancellor of the Deccan College, Post-Graduate and Research 
      Institute, Pune       

Dr. S. N. Sridhar – Professor of Linguistics and India Studies, and Director of the
      Center for India Studies SUNY Stonybrook      

Dr. K.P. Poonacha - Former Jt. Director General, Archaeological Survey of India

Dr. Choodamani Nandagopal,

      Art Historian UNESCO Fellow, Advisory Member IGNCA

Dr. Jonathan Edelmann, Dept. of Religion, University of Florida, USA

Dr. Debashish Banerji, Haridas Chaudhari,
      Prof. of Indian Philosophies, Doshi Chair, CIIS. San Francisco, CA

Dr. Bharat Gupt, Former Faculty, Delhi University,
      Trustee and Executive Member Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts,

      New Delhi 

Dr. B.V.K. Sastry - Director,
      Yoga-Samskrutham University, Florida

Dr. Nalini Rao - Prof. of World Art,
      Soka University of America, CA


Registration fees 
Paper Presenters from India, S.E.Asia: Rs.1000/-
           (Student presenters) 50% discounted: Rs.500/-
Paper Presenters from USA/ Europe: Rs.4000/-
           (Student presenters)  50% discounted: Rs.2000/-
Non- presenters, Interested listeners for inauguration/ Academic Sessions will be charged a nominal fee
Registration fees to be paid in Indian Rupees upon arrival.
Tours to Historical sites(optional)
1 One Day Trip to Mysore .Rs.5000/- per person
               (Includes food and transportation)
2 One Day Trip to Belur/Halebid/Sravanabelagola:  Rs.6000/-per person
                (Includes food and transportation)
3 Two Day Trip to Mysore/ Belur/Halebid/Sravanabelagola: Rs.10,000/- per person 
          (Includes one-night stay in 3-star hotel, food, transportation)    
4 Two Day Trip to Hampi ………….Rs.15000/- per person
          (Includes one-night stay in 3-star hotel, food, transportation)    
Those who are interested in going on any one of the historical tours, should provide name(s) to  or call 011 91 80 22440009 / 01191 9845976489 (Foundation) by June 1, 2018 and fees during Registration (June 29- 30). Fees to be payable in Rupees.

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